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Fully comprehensive service

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anpa - company - philosophy

An unbreakable connection between team, sea and interior design.

ANPA was founded in 2006 on the commitment, passion, expertise and professionalism of a small group of specialists in the creation of cruise-ship interiors.

Over the years, these values have enabled the company to grow into an undisputed leader in the sector, nationally and internationally. ANPA creates interiors for public areas, restaurants, casinos, theatres and shops on cruise ships, as well as ceilings, panels and structural work in general, supported by recent developments in its areas of business.

Employee satisfaction and well-being is always a priority

Benefits, welfare programmes and initiatives for parents: ANPA looks after its employees. A balanced working environment, where working life and well-being are in harmony, creating the best possible working conditions.

ANPA employees guarantee a networked presence for all work. Trained and qualified professionals are capable of providing the results required with constantly innovative and effective solutions. The work of ANPA employees ensures optimal results.

Advanced technology, new production spaces and increased quality

ANPA is aligned with the times, innovating and adapting through advanced technology, new production spaces and respect for its team. This guarantees maximum customer satisfaction, even for the most complex projects.

anpa - company - quality

Utmost attention to detail

More than just quality

In structural, interiors and building sectors, ANPA is distinguished by its meticulous attention to detail.

ANPA is a company with ISO 9001/UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification

Creativity is key ANPA’s philosophy of care and passion for one’s work can be seen in every phase of production. Perfect results are achieved thanks to qualified personnel capable of working with new materials aligned with contemporary design trends.

ANPA can produce metal elements for the creation of ceilings and other naval structures with low fire-propagation characteristics, certified in accordance with the European MED (Marine Equipment Directive) 2014/90/EU. This is possible through CE certification issued by RINA (Notified Body) and performance by RINA (Notified Body) of checks on specific production batches.

The utmost attention to detail, for in-house production and luxury systems
Qualified and trained personnel to meet company standards
Reliability and precision in all circumstances

A high quality product and levels of personnel expertise, with constant training.
Engagement with suppliers to guarantee the quality of products purchased.
Availability and efficiency of systems and equipment through scheduled-maintenance protocols.
Constant commitment to improving the quality-management system.

ANPA - Company - International experience

A global reach

ANPA’s global network enables it to provide a comprehensive and efficient service anywhere. Interiors and projects on sites all around the world, in marine settings and on land, implemented by specialised teams.

Speed and professionalism guaranteed by the in-house ticket-management office for flights and accommodation. An international team, ready to work anywhere with a consistently professional approach.

Industry 4.0

The project entitled “New strategies to develop competition in the ship-building market”, co-financed in the context of POR FESR 2014–2020, has enabled ANPA s.r.l. to implement a competitive approach by improving its financial stability, utilising a suitable system for analysis of each order for the marine-interiors sector.